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How to Find the Right Veterinarian

If you are checking out veterinarians, the first thing you need to do is visit her practice without your pet to look around and talk to the vet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Raise any concerns you may have. Here are some other things you should look for.

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  1. Education and experience.

Has the vet continued to update her knowledge through continuing education? Is she certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP), which requires extra training?

You should also check to make sure that the practice is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Many good veterinary practices are not accredited, but with accreditation, you know that your pet will get good care.

How many veterinarians are in the practice? If there are several, they will often cover for each other during vacations or other absences?

How does the vet respond to your questions and concerns? Do you feel the vet is someone who will listen to you and be responsive?

Can you get prompt responses to your medical questions? If your pet needs to be placed in the hospital, can you call whenever you want for updates on his or her condition?

  1. Medical equipment.

A good practice should have x-ray and ultrasound equipment, as well as the resources to perform dental exams and procedures and do lab tests. It should have IV pumps available, as well as the ability to monitor blood pressure and eye pressure.

The vet should be able to send out the labs for analysis and refer to specialists if needed. Also, if your pet has a particular medical condition, how much experience does the vet have in treating such problems?

  1. Working with animals.

See how the vet interacts with her patients. Is she able to handle them? Can she calm them and take control? How does your pet react to her?

How does the clinic monitor animals in the facility overnight? How does it evaluate pets before surgery? How doesit handle pain management?

  1. Veterinary staff.

How do they deal with questions over the telephone? Do they seem to know what they are doing, and are they polite? Are your calls answered promptly or do you have to wait? Does the staff include licensed veterinary technicians?

  1. The facility.

Take a tour of the practice. Does it look clean and well kept? Do you notice any unpleasant odors?

We hope you understand, but we can’t accept sick dogs for boarding here at Barney’s Ranch. Chronic conditions that can be treated with medication are fine, but if you dog vomits, pees or poops often due to illness, we can’t accept him. If you have any questions, please call us at (469) 273-1661 or send us a message at

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4 Truths About Dogs Every Owner Should Know

Everyone knows that dogs are pretty amazing animals. But there are some things about dogs you may not know that are as amazing as the things you do know about dogs. Here are a few.

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  1. Dogs are as smart as a toddler.

Dogs have the intelligence of your average two-year-old. And they understand about the same number of words and gestures as a toddler, about 250.

Dogs also are aware of time. They know when it’s time to go for a walk or eat. Your pets can get a sense of your routine they know how much time has passed. They know how long you have been away as well, and they miss you.

  1. Dogs’ senses are much more acute than humans.

You probably knew that, but did you know how much stronger they are? Your dog can smell 10,000 times to a whopping 10 million times better than you. Different breeds of dog have anywhere from 125 million to 300 million scent glands. Humans have only a measly five million. The part of a dog’s brain that responds to the sense of smell is 40 times larger than in a human.

Dogs can also hear four times better than you can. And you probably know they can hear higher pitched sounds as well. Dogs have a hearing range of 67 to 45,000 hertz, while for humans the range is only 64 to 23,000.

  1. Dogs can smell human feelings.

With a sense of smell so much more developed than ours, is this really a surprise? Your dog can smell changes in your scent, which can help him determine how you are feeling. For example, if you are nervous or anxious, your dog can smell your sweat. It is this amazing sense of smell that also enables dogs to actually smell if a human has a disease or if a woman is pregnant.

  1. Your dog wants to make you happy.

Dogs bond to humans the way a child does to its parents, and just like a child, dogs want to please their owners. Research has shown that dogs can actually get jealous if their owners are paying more attention to another animal than to them. They get their sense of well-being from humans.

Dogs will also try to comfort people who are upset. They recognize human tears and what that means.

Your dog wants to make you happy and we now how much you want to make him happy. That’s why we’ve created a boarding kennel that is something akin to taking a vacation for your dog when he’s a guest with us. To learn more about Barney’s Ranch, or to make an appointment to visit, give us a call at 469-450-7040 or send us an e-mail to

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Take Control of Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems

Do you feel that your dog is the one who “controls” you? Is he the one ruling the roost at your home? Does he ignore you when you call him, even when you’ve trained him for months?

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You certainly have maverick on your hands, but not the cute, independent kind: the kind that could end up harming you, a member of your family, or even a stranger.

It’s time to get your dog under control. If he’s not following your commands even after being trained to do so, it’s because he doesn’t look at you as his leader. It’s time to change the situation and become your dog’s Commander in Chief!

Dogs Are Pack Animals: You Need to Be the Pack Leader in His Eyes

Making sure your dog knows you’re the leader of his pack actually will make him happier. He will be living in a comfortable and stable environment – and who doesn’t thrive in a stable environment!? Your dog needs to know that you are in charge; doing so means you’ll receive his loyalty, love and respect – and you’ll all enjoy a happier home life as a result.

If you’ve noticed that your dog is starting to pull on his leash during walks, barking/whining or exuding bad manner around dogs and people, your dog may be feeling leaderless and so he may believe he has to become the pack leader himself. Hence, his “disobedient” behavior.

  1. Start creating boundaries.

As a pack leader, you’re the one who gets the best sitting and sleeping spots, to control where your dog can sit and sleep. Your dog needs to check with you before he can jump on the bed or sit on the couch. Remove your dog from the bed/couch if he gets there without permission. Do so calmly. Allow him to sit anywhere only when you give him direct permission. It’s also wise that you don’t let him sleep on the bed with you, although he may sleep on a dog bed on the floor of your bed.

  1. Don’t forget to play with your dog.

Dogs need to play and stay active to stay happy and healthy – and have a good mental outlook. Playing with your dog also helps the two of you build a strong relationship.

Make sure that you decide when it’s playtime and when it’s time to stop. Your dog needs to check with you and get permission that playtime is here.

If, for example, your dog brings his leash to you, indicating he wants to go for a walk, or he drops his favorite toy by your feet, it’s up to you to decide if you want to play or not. When your dog looks at you as the pack leader, he will understand that it may not be the right time to play.

  1. Lead your dog.

Always walk into your home ahead of your dog and always leave the house ahead of your dog. If you’re both going to a room together, you must go first.

As for walking your dog, don’t let him walk ahead of you, nor should you allow him to pull you on the leash. Instead, get a six-foot, non-retractable leash and make sure there’s only enough lead that your dog can walk beside you and not in front of you.

If your dog is exhibiting excessive aggressive behavior, it may be time to call in a professional dog trainer to help you work with your dog.

We love happy and playful dogs here at Barney’s Ranch, but we don’t accept overly aggressive dogs. Contact us at 469-450-7040 or send us an e-mail to for more information.

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Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

You are going on a business trip or taking a vacation. Because of circumstances, you cannot take your pet with you. You have to find some way to care for him or her while you are away. You could call on a friend or relative to help out, or you could hire a dog sitter.

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But if those options don’t really appeal to you, there is only one other thing to do – board your dog in a kennel.

There are a few things you can do to get your dog ready for his stay away from home. Here are a few tips.

  1. Take him for a visit.

After you have decided where you want to board your dog, and you have talked with the kennel staff, you should take your dog to the kennel for a get-acquainted session. Many kennels have daycare, and this is important for your dog. Having your pet stay at the kennel for a day or two before your trip will help him to get used to his new environment, to new people and to a new daily schedule.

This helps not just the dog, but the kennel as well. Staff at the kennel also get to know the dog, what his personality is like, how he responds to boarding, how best to handle him.

  1. Make him feel secure.

When you take your dog for boarding, make sure to include some toys that he likes, as well as an article of clothing of your own to help him feel more comfortable by having your scent around. If your pet is on medication, it is always a good idea to pack more than is needed in case unforeseen circumstances arise and you are delayed in returning.

  1. Don’t be a nuisance.

Many kennels these days have cameras that allow owners to watch their pets online. It’s fine to spend a few minutes each day to check on your pet to see how he is getting on. But avoid spending extended periods of time watching the dog and calling routinely to report on everything you see. You will only create unneeded stress for yourself and the kennel staff. If anything is amiss with your pet, the kennel staff will call.

If you’d like your dog to stay with us during the day acclimate him to Barney’s Ranch, we’d love to entertain your pet for a few hours. Drop us an email message at or give us a call at 469-450-7040.

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4 Hurdles New Puppy Owners Face

If you have never owned a puppy before, you wouldn’t believe they could cause any problems. They are so cute and cuddly! They seem so innocent and friendly. But, like any other animal, they can pick up bad behaviors. Here are a few things to watch out for.

  1. Not being house trained.

This is often the result of giving the animal too much freedom too soon. If you have this problem, you need to go back and retrain the dog, and, in the meantime, limit the dog’s movements in the house when you are not around.

Dog boarding carrollton

Soooooo cute! Until he pees on the rug.

Sometimes when they greet their owners, puppies will urinate. This is not a problem with house training, but simply the fact that the dog is still timid. It usually goes away with time, but while the dog is doing it, it is best to try not to excite the dog or scare it.

While not a real problem, it is something to be prepared for. Most puppies are very active. That is just the way puppies are. You need to give the puppy the chance to burn off that energy a few times a day. But don’t make the animal exercise if he does not want to. This is not good for the dog’s growing joints.

This is another natural behavior with dogs. They do it when playing or when they are excited.

If this is a behavior you want to stop, you need to be deliberate about it. When the dog nips, you should yelp as if you have been injured and move away from the dog for a few moments. This is a signal to the puppy that he has bit too hard – something he will understand, because it is a behavior dogs do themselves.

If he then stops biting, you need to reward his good behavior with a treat.

  1. Eating feces.

Yes, it’s actually a fairly common behavior among puppies. The obvious solution is to clean the poop up as soon as possible so you remove the opportunity. If you catch the dog eating feces, give him a stern command to stop. The veterinarian can also supply a food additive that makes his poop taste bad.

Here at Barney’s Ranch, we’re happy to take your young dog in for a day or overnight, so long as he or she is housetrained. For more information on our day- and overnight boarding services, give us a call at 469-450-7040 or e-mail us at

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3 Dog Training Lessons Learned the Hard Way

When you read articles about training dogs, they usually tell you how you should do it; in other words, techniques that work. But what about techniques that don’t work, things that you shouldn’t do?

Here are a few practices to avoid.

  1. Repeating commands too often.

This usually happens when you have an owner inexperienced at training and a dog who is, shall we say, a slow learner. The owner, for example, has taught the dog to sit. He issues the command, “Sit,” but because of a distraction or confusion on the part of the dog, the animal does not respond. So, the owner simply repeats the command six or seven times until the dog finally lowers itself a little.

If the owner does this continually, it then becomes learned behavior by the dog. Don’t repeat commands. If the dog does not obey on the first command, it could be because you have not properly taught the action, the dog is distracted or even defiant. Take the dog to a quiet place, and give the command one more time. If you still get no response, teach the behavior you expect again.

Carrollton dog boarding

Adorable! Needs lots of training!

  1. When you train, you do it for too long, or not long enough.

Many behaviors are learned over time, not all at once. It usually takes a number of training sessions to teach a dog a new behavior. So, during a training session, if you get some positive result to a command, you should stop. If you continue, you may just bore or frustrate your dog. By the same token, you should not end a session until you do see some type of positive result, even if it is only an attempt by the dog to perform the behavior.

  1. You give too many treats.

Treats should be given when you are teaching a dog a new behavior, and then only randomly after that, and not too often. You should then reward the dog with praise, or maybe some play time with a favorite toy. If you give treats all of the time, the dog comes to expect them and will only respond to treats. The focus becomes the food, not the behavior. Random reward is the best way to reinforce behavior, and so treats should be given randomly.

Speaking of treats, reward your pet anytime you’re away with a day or an overnight stay at Barney’s Ranch: your dog will love our 8,000-square-foot dog run. He or she can enjoy the company of other dogs as much as you want! Call us at 469-450-7040 or send us a message at

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Always Ask a Boarding Kennel These 4 Questions

If you are planning to board your dog in a kennel, you want to make sure your pet has a safe and comfortable place to stay. Here are a few questions to ask a kennel to make sure your dog will have a safe and comfortable stay.

  1. Ask about play and exercise programs.

These will vary by kennel and often are determined by price. You want to check that the kennel segregates the dogs during exercise by size and age. Dogs that need more exercise should be walked by a staff member.

We offer your pet an 8,000-square-foot outdoor yard, allowing your dog to play with other dogs all day (if he wants to), or whatever amount of time you deem appropriate.

overnight dog boarding carrollton

  1. Ask if you may tour the facility.

First off, the place should look clean. You shouldn’t be able to detect much of an odor. It should be well lit, and you shouldn’t see any waste or urine lying around.

Also, you want to make sure the place is not overcrowded. Find out how many animals the kennel usually boards and how many people work there. Pet experts recommend that there should be no more than 10 animals for every staff person. Naturally, the more people there are, the more attention your pet will get.

Check out the spaces for the dogs. How do the animals look? They should look content, and they should have proper bedding and water.

Find out how often they walk the dogs. Or, if there’s a dog run, how often do the dogs get to roam within it?

  1. Ask if you may talk to the staff.

Do they seem to be genuinely interested in your pet? Do they want to find out information about the animal, such as what he or she eats, his exercise regimen, and any medications he is taking? A good staff will be able to provide details about all of the animals in their care.

  1. Ask about safety.

If you see things like bent, torn or jagged wire, you may want to take your animal someplace else. Also, if the kennel allows your animal to play with a chew toy alone, without a staff member present, it is definitely not a place to put your animal.

Ask what the facility will do if your dog needs medical attention or won’t eat. While Barney’s Ranch doesn’t have a veterinarian on staff, we do have a close relationship with Valley View Pet Health Center in Farmers Branch.

We like to think of Barney’s Ranch as a vacation spot for pets. We want them to have as much fun as their owners are having while on holiday. Give us a call at 469-450-7040 or send us an e-mail message at to arrange a tour for both you and your dog.

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Why Dogs Bark

Barking is how dogs communicate. But exactly what they want to communicate can vary widely, and so it may take some detective work on your part to find out exactly why your dog is barking. Here are some common reasons why dogs bark, according to the Humane Society.

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  1. He wants something.

He may be hungry, or he may want to go outside, or he may just want you to play with him or focus on him.

  1. He is afraid.

Barking can be a sign of fear. Your dog might be fearful of a person, place, object, other animals, or loud noises from things such as thunder or fireworks. You can tell if fear is the reason for barking by his body language. If the dog is afraid, he will have his ears pinned back and his tail will be low.

  1. He is being defensive.

Your dog may be barking as a way to protect territory from intruders. The intruders could be people or other animals, maybe from nearby yards. If he is barking to protect territory, he will look the part – appearing menacing with ears up and forward and his tail up high.

  1. He is excited.

Some dogs just like to bark when they are excited, such as when they are greeting their owners or people they know.

  1. He may have health issues.

The barking may be due to health problems such as canine cognitive dysfunction or deafness. If this is the case, the dog is barking because he cannot hear himself barking.

If you have an older dog, this may be an issue. Older dogs can have dementia or deafness. If this is the case, you want to exercise patience with your pet. Don’t make changes to his usual environment – keep it simple. Talk to the vet about medications that could help with the issues.

If deafness is a problem, you can teach your dog to stop barking by using a quiet command with a hand signal or some other visual stimulus, such as a flash of light.

If you have more than one dog, you may have a problem with all of them barking at once when something sets them off. To control this problem, you have to begin by working with each dog separately before you try to work with them as a group.

If your dog barks a lot when you’re out of the home, he may be lonely. If this is the case, you may want to consider Barney’s Ranch’s day boarding service.

For more information about our day- and overnight boarding services, contact us at 469-450-7040 or send us a message at

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Common Dog Illnesses

Our pets mean a lot to us, and, of course, we want to take good care of them. In order to do that, we need to know what kinds of health problems can affect them, how to identify problems, and what to do about it. Here are a few of the most common ailments that afflict dogs and how to handle these problems.

  1. Ear infections

These are very common among dogs. They can be caused by a number of things, including allergies, yeast, ear mites, bacteria, and hair in the ear canal. You can recognize an ear infection in a dog, because he will exhibit symptoms such as shaking or tilting his head, odor coming from the ear, scratching the ear, losing balance, moving his eyes back and forth, a redness in the ear canal, or some type of discharge coming from the ear.

If your dog has an ear infection, you need to take your pet to a veterinarian. The vet will clean and put medication in the canal, and in most cases, that will clear up the problem.

  1. Worms

This probably comes as no surprise to dog owners. There are several different types of worms that can take up residence in your dog’s gut, including roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms. If your dog has worms, you will probably notice one of the following symptoms – diarrhea, weight loss, change in appetite, a rough, dry coat, scooting on his bottom.

Again, this requires professional treatment. The owner should not attempt to handle the problem alone. The vet will know which medication to give the animal for the type of worm he has.

  1. Fleas

While not an illness, per se, fleas can become a major pain for you and your pet. Again, no surprise here: this is a very common problem. The good news is that fleas are relatively easy to treat. But you should aim to take care of the problem as soon as you discover even one flea because fleas multiply very rapidly – in the space of a few weeks, a few can become thousands.

You can tell that your dog has fleas if he scratches a lot or bites his skin, if he loses hair, if he has hot spots, if you notice flea dirt, which looks like little black dots. Also, if your dog has tapeworm, he may also have fleas because they carry the parasite.

If your pet has fleas, take a trip to the vet to find out which medication would be best to use for your dog. There are a number of different kinds, including oral medication, shampoos, sprays, or topical liquids.

If your dog is sick, you can understand why we ask that you don’t board him with us here at Barney’s Ranch until he’s well.

For more information about our boarding services, contact us at 469-450-7040 or send us a message at

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Pros and Cons of Electric Dog Fences

You need some type of fence to contain your pet when he’s outdoors. The question is, what type should you get?

Carrollton dog boarding

There are the conventional wood and metal types, and there are electric fences.

Electric fences use a wire that is buried underground, connected to a home box that is connected to the home’s electrical system. This wire acts as a barrier, preventing the animal from wandering beyond your property line.

When the animal crosses the invisible barrier set up by the wire, he gets a shock from the electrical current. Initially, flags are set up to mark the barrier location so the animal knows where it is. Also, when the dog approaches the barrier, a beep is emitted, warning the animal that it needs to go back.

We see electric dog fences everywhere but some questions arise: are they safe? Are they effective?

Take a look below for the pros and cons of electric dog fences.

There are several advantages to these systems:

  1. Cost

They are generally affordable. They can be expensive, but often less than you might have to pay to put up conventional fencing.

  1. Environment

Electric fences can be used where the terrain is not suitable for conventional fencing. It also does not block views or break up green space. They also can be installed more quickly than conventional fencing.

  1. Coverage area

Electric fences can cover an area as large as 25 acres, which gives your dog plenty of area in which to run.

  1. Effectiveness

These fences are effective most of the time. The dog learns quickly to avoid the shock and so stays in the area.

But there are some drawbacks to electric fences:

  1. The shock

Some dog owners are wary of these types of fences because of the experience the dog goes through when it gets shocked. This may depend to a large extent on your particular pet. Some dogs will only need a slight jolt before they retreat, but others may require something more intense to stop them. For these animals, the shock needs to be severe enough and painful enough to act as a deterrent. It has to really startle the animal.

  1. Punishment

Plus, the fence shocks are a form of punishment, which some people dislike because they don’t like to train their pets by punishing them. The fence can also have unintended consequences in that the animal can begin to associate the shock with other events. For example, the dog receives the shock when it approaches red flags set up to mark the property line. As a result, the dog becomes fearful of any red flags because the animal associates it with the shock.

  1. Other animals get in

In addition, these types of devices do nothing to keep other animals out of your yard. Any other dogs or feral animals can still wander in. Your pet is essentially a captive in these situations because it cannot get out.

  1. Not foolproof

Finally, there is no guarantee that these electric fences will work all the time. For example, if your dog is extremely frightened by something, he or she may simply run through the barrier, heedless of the shock.

We know you love your pet and want to treat him as a member of your family. So when you’re away from home for a period of time that will see your pet not get the outdoor exercise he needs, bring him to Barney’s Ranch for day or overnight boarding: he’ll be able to run in our 4,000-square-foot outdoor dog run!

For more information about our boarding services, give us a call at 469-450-7040 or send us a message at

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